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Minimum order: 24 pieces

Typical turnaround time: 5-7 business days from deposit payment and approval of the artwork.

Maximum print sizes (width x height):

  • Adult unisex garments: 18" x 21"
  • Fitted women's garments and youth shirts: 11" x 15"
  • Women's tank tops or toddlers garments: 9" x 15"
  • Onesies Infant garments: 6" x 10"
  • Sleeve prints: 3.5" x 16"
Rock and Soul Printing Standard Setup Fees:
  • Screen setup (per color): $20
  • Ink change: $15
  • Specific Pantone color match: $15


  • Discharge works on 100% cotton: Discharge does not affect the dyes used for synthetic fibers so garments using polyester, nylon, or rayon will not discharge as well as 100% cotton.
  • Problematic fabric colors for discharge: Some dyes used for 100% cotton fabric do not react completely to the discharge process, leaving the print partially discharged. The most notorious colors are kelly green and royal blue.
  • Seams and zippers: Waterbased printing can deal with rough printing surfaces better than plastisol inks, but there will always be some inconsistency of ink deposit when printing an irregular surface. The screens will not lay flat over rough or uneven surfaces so you will get some distortion when screenprinting



About Discharge and waterbased screenprinting

Screen printing with waterbased and discahrge inks has become very popular with many customers because of the soft feel that these inks give you after printing your design.

When printing waterbased inks and discahrge inks the color or pigment that is used is carried by a base. When this base is run through the curing heaters or dyers most of it evaporates and leaves teh garment leaving behind only a very small deposit of ink on top of the garment. Most of the ink penetrates into the fibers of the fabric. This give the fabric a feel that is very close to the way they originally felt before being printed.

Discharge ink is very unique in that it actually removes the existing dye color from natural fabrics. We can use discharge ink in a number of different ways.   We can print discharge ink first in conjunction plastisol inks as an underprint on dark colored fabrics in order to make the plastisol inks show up much better. We can also add any color needed to discharge ink to give us the desired color for specific design.

Discharge ink is also great to use for designs that will have foil applied to them. Foil will not stick to the waterbased and discharge inks like it does with plastisol inks.

Discharge our preferred method when printing on dark colored garments. Because it removes the dark color from the garment, and then leaves the new color in the ink, it gives you the most vibrant colors with a single print on dark fabrics.

Colors: Color matching with waterbased systems is not as exact as with plastisol inks. There may be a reasonable variation in color due to a number of factors including garment dye dischargability, base color of the natural fiber, tightness of the fabric weave and amount of ink deposited.

Warning about garment colors: Some dyes are more resistant to the discharge process than others. In particular, royal blue and kelly green are notorious for not discharging completely. Often the effect looks just fine, respectively, a powder blue tint on discharged royal garments and a mint green tint on discharged kelly garments. Some other colors may resist discharge as well - it varies by garment manufacturer and color.

Discharge Ink and Synthetic fabrics: Discharge Inks work on "fiber reactive dyes." Reactive dyes are primarily used for coloring natural fibers such as cotton, wool, or hemp. Synthetic fabrics use different types of dyes that are often resistant to the discharge ink. 

Discharge Ink Chemical warning: Discharge inks use a zinc-formaldahyde formulation that plays a key role in the function of the discharge ink. We recommend that customers wash any items that are printed with dischareg ink before they wear them. Discharge ink is relatively safe, although it has been know to cause minor skin irritations in some people if not washed before wearing. After the garments have been washed they should not pose any problems. 


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